STYLE | From my Great Aunt's Closet


Yesterday, I was locked out of my flat for the second day in a row. However, this time it was early in the morning and I was wearing a headscarf (as part of my natural hair regime--tbc), my old Jalebi (a long dressing gown) I bought in an Egyptian village a few years back, and NO SHOES. I ran over to the neighbour's (whose house I sought refuge in the day before) to call my Great Aunt--Aunt Olga--who picked me up along with her oldest friend who proceeded to laugh at me (hysterically, might I add). I tiptoed to the car, scanning to see if there were people to bear witness to my shame, and hopped in. 

Once I got back to my aunt's I realised that I had to take a friend visiting from Edinburgh (Scotland) around Londontown, so was given access to her closet filled to the brim with amazing vintage clothes and accessories. I was in heaven. I found a beautifully light white shirt that I had "borrowed" a while back when I visited Emma H. in Brighton (before she abandoned me to go follow her heart to Trinidad), black unworn leggings, and a houndstooth cardigan with gorgeous buttons. I then found a worn out bag that I turned into a clutch, and a silk scarf that had never been worn. I was in heaven. She even pointed me towards her lipstick collection, which consisted of three tubes of lipstick--a matte No 84 Chanel, a Lancôme in pink and another nondescript brand. I chose the pink Lancôme, which I used as blush.`She looked at my outfit and laughed. "Is that your scarf?" I smiled and said "Now it is." Thank heavens for darling old 70something great aunts, who drive and can pick you up when you lock yourself out of your home in your night gown. What an adventure.

 I was too embarrassed to enlarge this photo.

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  1. Love the style. Makes me want to go raid my grandmother's closet. I just might.

  2. Do it! Especially if they wish to get rid of things.