FASHION | Boot Huntin'


Shoe Store, Kabul, Afghanistan 1992 | Taken by Steve McCurry

I have had the same pairs of boots for years--leather, of course--which have seen me through some great times. To extend their lifespan, I send all of my shoes to the local cobbler when the soles are worn, and now that I've discovered leather protectors, I'm doubling up on my attempt to save my leather (although I'm not too sure what impact the protectors have on the ozone layer?). 

T-B, L-F:  El Naturalista | Vivo Barefoot | Nisolo | Neu Aura | Bhava Studio | Kiboots | El Naturalista | FC Select | Swedish Hasbeens | Cri de Coeur | Po-zu | FC Select | Rebel

The one problem is that my boots are all long ones, with the exception of my very soft and permeable lace up ankle boots, which are not practical for the upcoming winter months...brrrrrr. So I'm on the hunt for a pair of short boots, and of course I am looking for one that is in line with our ethics and one that I can safely say "I Die For" (hyperbole alert). Of course, most of what is considered ethical footwear is vegan, and we all know how I feel about that [if you don't then see why here].

Which one would you choose? Leave us a comment below.

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