SEASONAL | Bank Holiday Carnival Craze


Londonites and Caribbean Nationals who know one thing about the UK, know that this Bank Holiday a bit of the Caribbean is coming full force to London in the form of Nottinghill Carnival. Explosions of colours, flavours and general madness will take to the streets of Nottinghill from today until tomorrow (25-26th August), and we definitely want everyone to be prepared. Whether you are planning on joining in, or just using the Carnival as inspiration for your own Bank Holiday festivities, I was inspired to put together a great little medley of must-haves to get the feet going, and the smiles beaming. And for those of you who are using this Bank Holiday as your last hoorah before the school term recommences, then what better way to simmer down those back-to-school blues with these bright items that will put a smile on anyone's face.

On a more personal note, I am more of a monochromatic kinda gal. However, some of these items have made their way onto my wish list for the real Caribbean Carnival season next year February-March, which will see me and Mr P taking to the streets for both Guyana and Trinidad's Carnivals in the brightest, sickening, and most obnoxious colours yet. How will I survive? I plan on taking solice in the fact that these items are actually things I want to own (I already have the LaLesso shorts, and am eyeing the Kiboots Moccasins). Roll on the festivities!!!

Carnival Craze

Starting from the TOP [L-R]:
GODDESS SUNRISE NECKLACE  by Tatty Devine, Made in the UK | BASTILLE BRACELET by Mata Traders, Fairtrade & Handmade | EYESHADOW by Radiant, Against Human Trafficking | SILK PRINTED KIDOGO SHORTS by LaLesso, Fairtrade, Made in Kenya, Carbon Zero |  SWIRL SUNSHINE CAMI by Sara C, Made in Britain, 100% Capri | LEATHER & LINEN CLUTCH by Marketa New York Shop, Handmade in the USA | KILIM MOCCASINS by Kiboots, Handmade, Recycled Materials |  LUA SANDALS by Melissa, Made in Brazil, Vegan, Recycled & Recyclable | CARNIVAL MASK by SOFFITTA, Handmade [You can also create your own, using this handy guide] | AFRICAN PRINT SKIRT by Fair + True, Made in London or Fairtrade from abroad, Sustainable and Organic Materials | CROSSBODY PURSE by MisscoGirl, Vegan | BEADED BRACELET by Shared Earth, Handmade in India, Fairtrade, Not-for-Profit | ROSELYN DRESS by Ivana Helsinki, Family Business, Made in Finland, Sustainable & Organic Materials | PAISLEY MARTINI NAIL POLISH by Scotch Naturals, Non Toxic | ICE ROSE LIPSTICK by Borlind, Natural | HOT RED HEELED BOOTS by Olsenhaus, Vegan [This is definitely not my size]

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