FASHION | Pikolinos Maasai



Yeah so I'm about four years too late on this collaboration but in researching ethical shoes to complete my outfit for Stacy's upcoming nuptials I came across Pikolinos Maasai, a shoe and handbag collection made from semi-vegetable tanned leather and beadwork created by Maasai women in Kenya and Tanzania and completed in Spain. As we've discussed before ethical footwear is not only hard to define, it's hard to find at affordable prices. The images of 2013 brand ambassador Olivia Palermo really sucked me in and I love the pairs above. Whilst I need to do more research into how they source their leather and what semi-vegetable tanned means, I'm impressed with their partnership and commitment to working in East Africa. My attraction to this brand is a classic example of where my passion for people in many ways overrides the commitment I feel to living a strictly vegan lifestyle. It's something I'm grappling with and hope to figure out soon! 

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