LIZ COOK's nutrition wallchart is now in its 18th year and with over 150,000 sold continues to be as popular as ever. It is a hand-written and illustrated table showing some of the best plant-based sources of all the essential nutrients. Drawn as a quick reference guide for bringing up her son on an animal free diet, the original chart has been going strong for 15 years, during which time it has been regularly redrawn and updated as the latest nutritional research has come to light - the last redraw was at the end of 2005. 
In addition to the Nutrition Wallchart, Liz Cook also came up with several other charts, from Seasonal UK Fruits & Vegetable Charts to Yoga Charts on Daily Yoga Poses. There are even charts for Children: one that teaches a child the responsibilities that go into having a dog, and another called the Rainbow Food Chart, designed as a fun way to help children (and adults) eat the recommended five portions of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables every day. These charts are great in helping us to identify what produce contains what vitamins and minerals, and assists us in keeping track of our everyday intake of the necessary food groups. This would be good as a house-warming, late Christmas or birthday gift for your health-nut friend, or a great item for your own kitchen. Did I mention that they are inexpensive? 

Taken From Vogue UK Wellbeing

Start the New Year with one of these nutrition charts to start a new you off right. My New Year's Resolution is to "tone" up (quite alot) and continue to eat healthily. These charts will certainly make this easier.

Visit: - £5.95 each(for one) OR £4.95 each (for two or more)

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