FASHION | Carry Change with Della


by Emma H.

Della creates handbags, laptop wallets, clutch bags and other accessories in fabulous prints that literally carry change. When LA based designer Tina Tangalakis took a trip to Hohoe, Ghana in 2009, the culture and warm hearts of those she met there inspired a decision to assist in the creation of sustainable livelihoods for women in the area. With the help of a local entreprenuer Tina founded Della and their team of 30 women produce a growing line of jewellery and accessories made using traditional West African prints at an average of 400 pieces per week.

Della's Ghanaian team currently receive National Healthcare and Social Security Benefits, classes in literacy and money-management and paid vacation and maternity leave on par with US standards. Fabrics are sourced from reliable local vendors and designers so as to guarantee locally produced fabrics, something that has been an issue in the past. "Our goal is to empower our partners so that they will one day take the opportunities Della has provided them with and turn them into a lasting, better way of life."

Beautiful products with a beautiful message of business done right.  From Ghana to the World.
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  1. if only there were more designers like these with the backing of a fashion house or two.

  2. Agreed, it's starting to happen in very very small ways with Vivienne Westwood and ASOS for example but unfortunately atm it's really down to people like Tina with the personal motivation to make positive change and do business differently.