DEVELOPMENT | The Green Fail: The Dirty Downside of going Green


As many of us have taken a "green" approach to the ways in which we live our lives, we never really stop to think about all the arguments involved in the Green Movement, and the impacts it has on our future. What follows is the other side of the argument, which we hope engages our audience with the practices and choices we make. It is ever so easy to fall into marketing traps that labels things "eco," "green" or "ethical". What we should be asking ourselves is how will this help us in the long-run? And how can we be better equipped to make the Green Movement a success?

            The Green Fail        
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  1. "are these growing pains or signs of a failing movement"

    I don't think the "movement" would be allowed to fail but for all the wrong reasons. The greedy utilities companies and manufacturers are on the train now, with government bouncers (sorry "Revenue protection officers") roaming the aisles - which means we're pretty much strapped in for the ride and we'll be getting our wallets out for some time yet.

    The above list is missing the Toyota Prius, as it too is pretty awful (manufacturing and ownership). The manufacturing costs (initial) the replacement of battery packs when they eventually become useless, the lies they call MPG savings. "oh well its their first crack" or then you have those that say: "oh well at least they're trying" with "at least they're doing something" liberally bleated by some sheep.

    Well, really, we're just celebrating mediocrity, someone thought "I have an idea" and when they presented it they said "we'll gloss over that". I imagine there's a large sound proof room where the marketing executives are having a good old laugh somewhere at the peons running around trying desperately to be green, when in fact its the reverse.

    In my opinion the best way to be green? stop buying shit you don't need. I mean really, what exactly has gotten us here? rampant consumerism, the "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality (or however you prefer to describe it) and nothing more.

    I don't need some tree-hugger pushing a £179 pack of 3 lightbulbs down my throat, I'll sooner turn the damn light off, as the bulb isn't really the issue is it? its the fact it consumes electricity. Do I need a Prius? not on your life, but a VW Polo Bluemotion will out perform the Prius on emissions. In fact - buy a used car or ride a motorbike (where practical).